Rokubun GNSS System Testing


BCN Drone Center Rokubun

Dates: 20th February 2017
Organizer: Rokubun
Rokubun has performed the maiden flight of his low cost high accuracy GNSS system using Atmos-7 BVLOS drone. Rokubun is developing his products inside ESA BIC Barcelona. These tests have been carried thanks to the agreement achieved between ESA and the Catalan Government to promote space technology in the Barcelona area.


CAN-SAT Testing by Vedruna School Students


BCN Drone Center Escola Vedruna

Dates: 3rd February 2017
Organizer: Vedruna School
A group of students of Vedruna school has come to the BCN Drone Center to test their CAN-SAT Systems. They have also visited the facilities to know more about drone Technology and have received some assessment from our engineering team. This testing has been done inside the Catalonia Smart Drones program.


Drone Riders BCN Drone Center GT


Drone Riders BCN Drone Center Race

Dates: 28th November 2016
Organizer: Barcelona TV
Organized by DDC and BTV (Barcelona TV), the Barcelona Drone Center hosted the first drone racing event broadcasted on TV in Spain. More than 30 pilots from all over the country participated in this First Grand Prix.


St. Peter's School Course


BCN Drone Center StPeters School

Dates: November 2016
Organizer: St. Peter's School and BCN Drone Center
Three day workshop for St. Peter's School students between 14 and 16 years old in which they have seen how drones can be used in different applications and have learnt the basics of this technology.


Catalan Goverment Course (2nd edition)


drones generalitat catalunya

Dates: 18th to  20th October 2016
Organizer: Generalitat de Catalunya and BCN Drone Center
3 day workshop for the Catalan Government personnel focused on introducing drone technology and showing all UAV applications that can be useful for the Administration tasks.


Operación de Drones de Ala Fija (5a edición)



Dates: 3 al 7 de Octubre 2016
Organizer: BCN Drone Center
Curso destinado al aprendizaje práctico del pilotaje y operación de drones de ala fija. Se introduce además al alumno en los principios aeronáuticos e ingenieriles básicos que rigen estos sistemas. Permite la obtención de la licencia de piloto para drones necesaria para realizar trabajos profesionales.


FlyAway Services Parrot Disco Showcase



Dates: 24th September 2016
Organizer: FlyAway Services
FlyAway Services will be showcasing the new Parrot Disco. This new product is based on a flying wing frame that allows first person view piloting using virtual reality glasses. This event has been done inside the Catalonia Smart Drones initiative.