Mapkite Project Demonstration


BCN Drone Center Mapkite

Dates: 10th to 23rd June 2016
Organizer: Mapkite
Mapkite project is developing an aerial terrestrial remote sensing tandem for surveying applications. It’s concept has been successfully tested and validated in the BCN Drone Center facilities thanks to more than 40 ground control points targets installed in the segregated airspace area.


UAV Remote Sensing Applications Course (6th edition)


uav remote sensing

Dates: 13th to 17th June 2016
Organizer: BCN Drone Center
One week course that will give you a broad overview of state of the art remote sensing techniques using UAV aerial imagery. Top level UAV professionals will share their knowledge and experience about UAV remote sensing while performing real practical cases and showing different UAV application.


Tao Group Lighter than Air Vehicles Testing


BCN Drone Center TAO Group

Dates: 6th to 10th June 2016
Organizer: Tao Group & CIMNE
TAO Group is a company cluster that designs, develops and produces lighter than air vehicles in the fields of air and space technologies. The group has used BCN Drone Center facilities and airfield during the full week in order to properly test with the collaboration of CIMNE.


Vic University and Eurecat Robotics Master Practical Sessions


Eurecat VIC master bcn drone center

Dates: 7th and 28th May 2016
Organizer: Vic University and Eurecat
As part of the Robotics Master organised by Vic University and Eurecat, the students have come to BCN Drone Center to do some practical sessions about UAV planning and operation using automatic pilots. You can find more information about the Master here>>


UX5 Training by Al-Top


BCN Drone Center Al-Top Trimble UX5

Dates: 26th May 2016
Organizer: Al-Top
Al-Top, Spanish distributor of Trimble products, has come the BCN Drone Center in order to train new UX5 users, taking advantage of the UAV airfield and segregated airspace to safely execute all training manoeuvres. This training program has been done thanks to the Catalonia Smart Drones initiative.


Operación de Drones de Ala Fija (3a edición)



Dates: 23 al 27 de Mayo 2016
Organizer: BCN Drone Center
Curso destinado al aprendizaje práctico del pilotaje y operación de drones de ala fija. Se introduce además al alumno en los principios aeronáuticos e ingenieriles básicos que rigen estos sistemas. Permite la obtención de la licencia de piloto para drones necesaria para realizar trabajos profesionales.


Cleandrone Solar Panel Inspection Testing


BCN Drone Center Cleandrone

Dates: 23rd May 2016
Organizer: Cleandrone
Cleandrone, a company developing UAV solutions for window cleaning and solar panels inspection has tested their systems taking advantage of the solar panels installed in the BCN Drone Center. This testing has been done inside the Catalonia Smart Drones program.