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Dates: 19th to 23rd June
Place: BCN Drone Center
Max. Number of Students: 9
Language: English
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Fixed-wing drones piloting and operation course in which you will learn all basic theory behind this systems (how they fly, how you control them, which are the basic design factors to take into account...). At the same time you will receive practical training on drone piloting and operation, what accounts for the 50% of the total course time.
The course program is designed to all experience level students, from beginners to experts. Thanks to dividing the class into small groups, we can adapt the training to everyone needs. 

Fixed-Wing-UAV-Course 1 



After the course fulfilment the student will know the basic aerodynamics and engineering principles associated with the operation and design of fixed-wing and how they affect the performance, behaviour and maintenance of the system. Furthermore, you will be used to pilot and control this kind of systems in both manual and autonomous modes. 



At the end of the course the student will be able to achieve:

  • Course accomplishment certificate
  • Practical training certificate for fixed-wing UAV (allows to legally fly fixed-wing drones under 5 kg)  

Fixed-Wing-UAV-Course 2


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 Practical sessions include:

  • Basic manual manoeuvres training in a drone flight simulator both in first and third person view.
  • Basic manual manoeuvres training with real drone flights in the UAV Test Site Airfield.
  • Simulation of autonomous missions using a ground control center.
  • Autonomous real flight operations using a ground control center.
  • Beyond line-of-sight mission simulation using a ground control center.
  • Beyond line-of-sight real flight operation using a ground control center.
  • Drone emergency location.


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Why Join?
20+ drone courses editions hosted with 300+ participants from 60+ different nationalities   Get inspired by extraordinary speakers from international UAV industry, research and institutional entities   Incomparable venue and facilities inside an official UAV Test Site. This brings a strong component of practical and hands-on training   More than 15 years in the civilian Drone market being one of the first movers in the world