BCN Drone Center is at your disposal to test your UAV systems. Purchasing a day pass ticket you get full access to all basic facilities, which include:
  • Airfield and Airspace access: You can use the UAV airfield in order to test your system in the segregated airspace.
  • Office: You get space to work with electricity and internet connection.
  • Workshop: You have access to the mechanical and electronics workshops equipped with everything needed to build or repair your systems.
  • Lounge and dining room: To relax a little bit between test flights.

If required, we can take care about the full organization of the logistics, including accommodation and meals, so the testing team only has to worry to come to the Center and get the most out of the testing.


If you project needs special requirements, we can extend the services included with the basic package in order to meet your needs:
  • Meeting room: You can upgrade your pass to get access to the meeting room so you can make your presentations and meetings in the UAV test site.
  • Hangar space: Get overnight parking space in the BCN Drone Center, so as not to have to reassemble the UAV for each test when performing multiple day projects.
  • UAV and payload rental: BCN Drone Center puts at the disposal of its user a complete fleet of UAVs and different payload options that can be used to complement the testing.
  • Installation of outdoor remote sensing targets: You can install any scenery object or targets in order to test and validate your remote sensing techniques. With more than 140.000 m2 outdoor surface BCN Drone Center has plenty of room for each project to install its own targets.
  • Flight Control Center: Get access to an indoor ground control station with all necessary systems to control and operate the UAV in a comfortable environment, including multiple displays, computers and long range antennas. It can also be used as an UAV piloting and operations simulator in order to perform any required training.
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) for UAV: You can use the TCAS system from the indoor ground control station. This system can be adapted to any UAV system with an onboard GPS and telemetry data without adding any system onboard.
  • Night accommodation: BCN Drone Center facilities include a small room to accommodate up to 2 people in case night flying tests are required for the project or simply to properly rest a bit during intensive testing projects.