The property that hosts BCN Drone Center UAV Test Site is in the municipality of MoiĆ  and occupies a total area of 14 hectares of which 4 hectares are an upland grass field. The orientation of this field greatly facilitates the operations of UAVs, which can take off and land with the correct orientation with respect to the prevailing winds, allowing for safety operation and testing of all kinds of UAV platforms. The main characteristics of the airfield are:


  • Located in an elevated flat plateau.
  • Free of obstacles in all directions.
  • Unpaved grass runway prepared to softly land any UAV with:
    • Beacons for first person view landing.
    • Precisely georeferenced for autonomous landing.
  • Helipad for multirotor and helicopter UAVs.
  • Two main grass landing areas orientated to dominant winds:
    • Primary landing area 350 m long and 100 m wide.
    • Secondary landing 210 m long and 75 m wide.
  • Free of electro-magnetic interferences.
  • Easy access from main center facilities.