UAV-test-site-facilities In order to quickly develop and test UAV systems a workshop and office nearby the airfield are a must have. This combination allows design changes and system modifications to be undertaken since flight testing enables fine tuning of your project. With this in mind BCN Drone Center integrates the following facilities just beside the airfield:
  • 140.000 m2 outdoor surface for installing remote sensing targets
  • 40+ precise geodetic markers for ground control points
  • Resolution calibration target
  • Office
  • UAV mechanics and electronics workshop
  • UAV remote sensing laboratory with camera calibration tools
  • Hangar
  • Conference room (60 people capacity)
  • UAV ground control center
  • Meeting room
  • UAV specialized library
  • UAV consultant's office
  • Warehouse
  • Camera calibration targets
  • Kitchen and barbacue
  • Accommodation and complimentary bikes


The bioclimatic building that houses the BCN Drone Center is revolutionary in concept and construction. Designed by architect Francesc Moral in close cooperation with CATUAV, this building has two goals in mind: maximum energy efficiency and minimum landscape impact.

The thermal envelope of the building has been studied in detail in order to ensure comfortable temperatures throughout the year. To achieve this the building has been integrated into field to take advantage of the thermal inertia of the terrain. This also eliminates the obstacle that the building would impose for UAV operation.

The electricity is provided with solar panels and wind turbines while the heating is achieved thanks to the combination of a biomass heater and earth warming tubes. Rain water is collected and stored using a special system of pipes and tanks where it is conditioned for human use. This makes the building completely independent from outside providers.